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Changing Lives, One Breath at a Time


We are actively accepting applications from Veterans for NEW Qigong Programs at the Dallas, Fort Worth and Bonham VA Facilities. New Courses will begin in early May 2016! LIMITED SPACE! Be at the top of the list!


Public Class Schedule (PDF)

A personal message to Combat Veterans

Welcome to SimplyAware:

Our Training Programs are focused on teaching the Qigong Principles that help lay the foundation on which all forms of Tai Chi & Qigong stand. This rich, traditional approach cultivates a process of self exploration. This is often a slow, difficult journey which leads to a deeper, stronger more intimate self awareness.

Students are encouraged to integrate their newly realized, Spirit-Body-Mind awareness into their daily lives, creating powerful opportunities for personal growth on all levels. While we do train in Tai Chi and Qigong forms, they are merely a "playground" for each student's deeper, personal work. We are not in the exercise business, we are in the healing business...We help people become..."SimplyAware" of their true nature, body, mind and spirit.

Watch short videos of students sharing their experiences with SimplyAware Programs


Classroom Training:
Weekly classes are available in , (Modified) , and our own program for assisted living communities. Each of our programs are based on the 8 Qigong Principles in our TMQP Program which offers students the opportunity to enhance their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Our students report many benefits from their Tai Chi and Qigong training including:

  • Reduction in Pain

  • Increased Overall Strength

  • Deep Core Integration

  • Better Balance/ Stability

  • Improved Concentration

  • Significant Reduction in Stress

  • A Sense of Community with classmates


Seminars and Hands On Workshops are available on a variety of subject matter. Following are some examples of recently requested topics:

  • Fall Prevention - Creating better balance and core stability using ancient training principles

  • Tai Chi / Qigong for Optimum Health - Understanding how these ancient arts can be effective tools towards optimum health

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis - 32 Forms Advanced Study

  • Yang 24 Forms trained for health, not competition

  • Introduction to Tai Chi and Qigong

  • Training Mindfully - Understanding the 8 Basic Training Principles of Tai Chi and Qigong

  • Stress Release - Learn to release stress through the simple application of ancient training tools

  • Disaster Psychology - Designed to assist Emergency Responders during field operations

  • Stress Management for the Disaster Field Agent


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